Trademark Registration

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How does the process work?



Conduct a search with IPOS on the availability of your proposed trademark and submit a report to you.



Upon receipt of your payment we will start preparing your application and file with IPOS within 2 business days.



Receive acknowledgement letter and Trademark number assigned to you within 3-4 weeks.


Trademark Certificate

After statutory period of 2 months for potential objections, and if no objections are filed, receive trademark certificate.


Trade mark registrations are one of the activities allowed in the Enhanced Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme. We encourage all eligible businesses to maximize their competitive edge by leveraging on this scheme.

You can protect ownership and copyright to your identity or brand by registering it as a trade mark. This can comprise your company’s logo or signature. The period of the ownership of your trade mark can be indefinite so long as it is renewed every 10 years. Since a registered trade mark is your “property”, you can license or assign it to others.

What qualifies as a trade mark?

To qualify as a trade mark, the sign or symbol must be distinct. One should be able to distinguish your goods or services from similar ones of other businesses. Possible registered as a trademark include letters, words, names, signatures, labels, devices, tickets, shapes, colours or any combination of these elements.

Here are some common examples of marks that CANNOT be registered as a trade mark:

  • Marks that are descriptive (e.g. super, best, cheap, one dozen)
  • Marks that are common to your trade (ones that have become well accepted in relation to your trade and do not distinguish the goods or service you are offering)
  • Marks that could offend or promote immoral behaviour
  • Deceptive marks (ones that could misrepresent the nature, quality or geographical origin of the goods or services)
  • Marks that are identical to earlier marks
  • Marks that could cause confusion (similar or identical to an earlier mark and in relation to similar or identical goods or services provided by the owners of the earlier mark)
  • Marks that are identical or similar to Well Known Marks

How ECRA can help you

Our Fees

starting from S$1,200

We will perform a search with IPOS (Intellectual Property Office of Singapore) for the availability and registration of your proposed trademark.  If available, make payment to proceed and we will submit application for trademark.  Process may take up to 2 months for trademark number to be issued by IPOS.

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