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Why switch? Well, there are many reasons of course, but here are some of the often quoted problems that our new clients have with their previous service providers.

  • Unprofessional service
  • Poor communication
  • No comprehension of my needs
  • Too much staff turnover and improper handovers
  • Exorbitantly high fees
  • Poor attitude of staff and management
  • Lack of transparency
  • High-handed manner of handling disputes and service requests

You must be experiencing some or all of these too.  And that’s why you’re here.

Well, we at ECRA will be proud to have you onboard as a valued client.  Just complete the form on the right and we’ll take care of all the rest.  Switching over to ECRA is completely FREE OF CHARGE but we will need to you to endorse some documents for us to initiate the process.  Here’s an overview of the process:

  • Meet and discuss with you on your specific needs or requirements
  • Present our service proposal and have it duly endorsed
  • Initiate service termination of your previous service provider
  • Assign client relationship manager to be the main point of contact for you.
  • Officially takeover all the statutory company secretarial files
  • Inform and notify all relevant parties including government agencies, banks, accountants and auditors
  • Review and assess the completeness and compliance status of your secretarial files and submit a Status Report to you
  • File any amendments as may be necessary to ensure full compliance (some lodgements may be charged as imposed by the government agencies).

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We look forward to having you onboard as a valued client.  Our business is to mind your business.

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