Charity Name Rules

In an effort to tighten the registration of charities, the following words can only be used in the names for new charities if the respective criteria are met. This is to prevent the misuse of certain words that will convey the wrong impression to the public.


Allowed only if the organisation is:

  • Self-funded by an individual, family or for-profit company to aid the organisation’s intended charitable purposes;
  • Financed by an endowment for such an organisation; or
  • Financed by contributions made by specific communities of a common ethnicity or faith, or sharing a common interest.


Allowed if the organisation has objects and activities serving beyond local geographical boundaries.


The use of the word “Singapore” in front of the name of the charity, e.g. Singapore ABC Charity, is prohibited. Instead, the word “Singapore” or its abbreviation can only be used within brackets at the end of the charity’s name, e.g. ABC Charity (Singapore) to indicate the charity’s place of registration.

Foreign Language

The name of a charity cannot be wholly in foreign language. It must include an English term to differentiate the nature of the organisation (e.g. Temple, Church etc).